About the Bartlesville Sports Commission


The Bartlesville Sports Commission (BSC) was established in 2007 by a group of community leaders who support local athletics.

The BSC mission is to instill in the hearts and minds of Bartlesville youth the motivation to excel in athletics, to build excitement around all regional athletic events, and to generate and promote athletic activities that will have a positive economic impact on the Bartlesville area.

The BSC hosts several events throughout the year including the Annual Bartlesville Sports Hall of Fame.

“This first-class event recognizes individuals and teams that, through their athletic achievements, have brought honor to themselves, their school and the community,” said Bob Pomeroy, Current Chairman of the Commission.

The inductees include athletes, teams and coaches and one award of merit – the highest honor the BSC presents, goes to an individual or team. For nominations to the Hall of Fame go to our website for a form and submission.

Another major focus of the BSC is bringing regional and national amateur sporting events to Bartlesville.

“The recruitment of sporting events such as the American Legion World Series and the Great American Conference Basketball Tournament, as well as the implementation of local and regional tournaments, infuses our community with new dollars,” said Bob Pomeroy, Chairman. “Every dollar spent by a visiting team, parent or patron turns over several times in our local economy and positively impacts retail profits and outside revenues for city operations.”

The BSC has also donated thousands of dollars to our area athletic programs.   The BSC members have also volunteered thousands of hours during different local sporting events.

Through all of our activities, the Bartlesville Sports Commission  SUPPORTS, PROMOTES and HONORS Bartlesville Athletes!!!