1962 Col-Hi Swim Team

1962 College High Swim Team. Record-setting team won first of 10 straight state championships when competition was limited to only one classification. Team set seven records at state meet. Members:  Jerry O’Rourke, Richard Hundley, Bill Keene, Barry Morgan, Terry Maul, Howard Katz, Bill Zelinski, Lee Tinder, David Selim, Randy Hawkins, Richard Walls, John Engleman, Bill King, David Steiger, John Rivers.

The Bartlesville Sports Commission established the Bartlesville Athletic Hall of Fame to honor athletes, coaches, teams and individuals who have made a lasting contribution to athletics and athletic endeavors in the Bartlesville area.

In doing so, we are recognizing not only the worthy inductees but also the value of athletics to quality education, personal enrichment, family values, community, and professional success.

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