1966 Col-Hi Wildcats Girls’ Swim Team

This team started the long tradition of swimming winning the first of 15 State Championships the girls team has earned. The 1966 Col-Hi Girls Swimming and Diving Team won the state championship that year, led by Coach John Spannath. This team is credited with not only becoming the first Col-Hi women’s state champion team but they also kicked off the “Golden Years” of women’s swimming, as the girl’s team won state for the next four years. The 1966 team was the first of 15 state championships won by the young women of Bartlesville to this day. Team members included: Carol Merryfield, Becky Burris, Beverly Roesler, Kay Quigg, Daisy Williams, Sue McCleskey, Pam Kelsey, Charlee Hubble, Madeline Uraneck, Margaret Sousa, Jane Emmott, Sue Lemaster, Carol Smith, Kathy Thomas, Betsy Newman, Susan Quigg, Jackie Stephenson, Pam Evans, Kathy Morris, Gail Kleinschmidt, Aggie Norris and Jill Browning. The team managers included Linda Stead, Caroline Czenkusch, Beverley Ameringer and Barbara Wride.

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