1982 BHS Girls Softball Team

The 1982 Lady Bruins put together a 31-7 record in their inaugural year. The Lady Bruins beat Tulsa Union in regionals to move on to state, where Shanda Sturm’s two-run homer over Putnam City West sent the Bartlesville girls to the state championship game versus Broken Arrow.

Bartlesville was the home team in the championship contest and was down 1-0 in the bottom of the sixth inning. During that inning Donna Williams reached base and was driven home by Sherri Young to tie the game at 1-1. Laura Cramer then stepped up to the plate and rocked a two-run home run to give the bruins a 3-1 lead. The Lady Bruins held Broken Arrow in the top of the seventh to become the first Bruin state championship team.

The Lady Bruins were led by Hall of Fame coach Jerome Gibson, Annie Collins and Gene Griffin. The seniors who led the team were Laura Cramer, Kara Dutton, Kristi Ewing, Tina Gailey, Donna Williams, and Sherri Young. The junior class was comprised of Donna Campbell, Kit Fetkovich, Lacie Harris, Tooter Stoia, Kelly Ryan, Sue Hainzinger and Lisa Leroux. Sophomores who received letters included Shanda Sturm, Toni Williams, Teresa McMillan, Sonya Brisbin and Renee Springer. Multiple members of the state championship team went on to play college softball as well as starred for the Bruins in other sports.

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